How Secure are Your "Important Photos"?

Let’s try a quick thought experiment. Imagine we took a stack of pictures, put them in a manila envelope labeled “Important Photos,” and dropped it on a table in the middle of New York’s Grand Central Station. How long do you think it would take for someone to grab the envelope and either look at the photos or just walk off with them?

With the huge volume of people that move in and out of the station every day, the envelope would likely get snatched very quickly. “Important Photos” is just too enticing for bad actors to ignore.

Now here’s the rub. When you store and share photos online, you’re placing them on a giant table that the whole world can see. Hackers around the globe are doing their best to peek into as many photo envelopes as possible. Are your photos secure? If you’re not using Slik, the answer is, “no.”

Why Encryption is Critical

Encryption is a method for protecting data from prying eyes. When you encrypt a photo, it becomes a mangled mess of data that’s utterly incomprehensible to every person and, more importantly, every computer, unless your software has the correct encryption/decryption key (think very complicated password).

In our initial example, if someone were to open the envelope and your photos were encrypted, all they would see is noise, and no amount of effort could ever make sense of it.

However, it isn’t quite as simple as that. Nearly all modern photo storage and sharing services offer encryption. But without end-to-end encryption with zero-knowledge, you aren’t the only person that can access your images.

How can that be? Well, with Google Photos, Apple Photos, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, and others, the service has access to the encryption keys needed to decrypt your photos. This means that your photos’ privacy is not guaranteed because you aren’t the only one with the key.

Imagine if you had a locksmith install a new lock on your front door, and they kept a copy of the key for themself. That might be okay if the locksmith is a friend of yours, but otherwise, there’s now a key to your house floating out there beyond your control. You have no idea how many locksmith employees can access your key or what they might do with it.

When your photo-sharing service has a key to your images’ front door, you’ll never be entirely sure that you’re the only one viewing your pictures.

With these services, your privacy is an illusion. Are you comfortable with that?

Slik Supports End-to-end Encryption

We believe that Slik is a better option for online photo storage and sharing because we can’t access your photos, ever, for any reason. Even if we wanted to, and we don’t, it would be impossible for us or anyone else to gain access. The magic is end-to-end encryption.

With the Slik app and our zero-knowledge encryption process, encryption is handled on your device, not our server. This means your photos are encrypted before they’re ever uploaded, making them incomprehensible noise once they reach us. And since we don’t have access to your encryption keys, the only people that can see your photos are you and the people you send them to.

With Slik, the privacy and security of your photos are guaranteed because you’re the only person with a key to the front door.

To find out more, visit Slik and enter your email address to join our beta program today for early access.

Don’t put your photos at risk. Choose Slik and be certain they’re protected.

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