Photo Privacy & Photo Encryption at Slik

Slik ensures photo privacy by using client-side, end-to-end encryption. Photos are thus backed up securely and your privacy is maintained even while sharing them with your friends and family.

Slik is a Zero-knowledge encryption service that helps you easily backup and share your photos.

What Information Can Slik Access?

Due to Slik’s Zero-knowledge client-side encryption, Slik does not have access to any data that you upload. All media content is converted into an unreadable stream of data, which could be converted back to a readable format only by your private passcode. Think of this code as the key to the door behind which all your photos are kept.

For creating your account we do ask for your full name, and email address, to uniquely identify you and provide you a multi-device experience. Thus, if you open the Slik app on your mobile device, you would get the same experience, as if you opened the desktop app.

Can Slik View My Private Files?

Simple answer - No. Complicated answer - also no.

Your files are encrypted on your local device. The keys to your photos are with you, and without them, neither us nor any other authority can view your photos. We do not back up your passcode in any form. So, if you lose or forget your passcode, we would not be able to recover your photos. We do not have a backdoor and do not intend to create one, to protect the privacy of our users.

What Principles Does Slik Believe Regarding User Data?

We at Slik believe in keeping personal lives private and your photos secure. Since your photos are encrypted on your personal device, we have no way to learn or analyze those images on our server. This means that we cannot use your personal information or your photos for deriving any profit. For example, we cannot:

  • profile you,

  • target you ads, or

  • reveal your photos based on third-party requests, etc.

How Do We Make Money?

We provide a service for photo storage on the cloud and charge a fee for it, similar to every other cloud storage provider. However, end-to-end encryption is provided to everyone free of cost, because privacy is a right of every individual on the internet.

Do I Have To Pay for Encryption?

No. End-to-end encryption is provided for free to everyone. We believe privacy is your right, and it would just be wrong to charge you for it.


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